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Rant: Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri.





I’m probably going to lose followers for this but this is my honest opinion on the death of Michael Brown. I’m so sick of people protesting for him, I’m sorry but all you ignorant people saying “He got shot for no reason” Do you know the full story? No. No one does! But what was released to the…

Uhm the cop shot him 6 times. 6.times. If he was scared, one should’ve been more than enough, hell TWO would be UNDERSTANDABLE but SIX. Including one right to the SKULL.

Sorry, there is no justification for that.

Okay there are several things wrong with this post.

I will start by saying you have a right to voice your opinion, but that means I can share mine as well. Mike Brown was shot 6 times, while kneeling and surrendering. The officer wasn’t aware of the robbery at the time, he yelled at the boys for jaywalking, having backed up after passing them. Witnesses stated that he shot at them from inside his police cruiser. How does that work? He wasn’t being “escorted to the vehicle”. Witness said the police office gripped him from inside the car, attempting to yell in his face and Mike get way. Even a supporter of the police must realize that is not how you detain or question a possible suspect. And how is it you know so much about police protocol? Did you know that in the event of a police involved shooting the officers should have given immediate first aid to the person shot? Hmm, I know that didn’t happen. So, how can I believe the officer followed all the other  protocols.

    And after seeing the posts, tweets and vines of the protestors being tear gassed, which is unlawful warfare according to UN guidelines, shot at with wood and rubber coated steel bullets, and quarantined by police, I have an issues with the police actions more that this of protestors. They are working really hard to cover things up and hide the facts. If this was simple and correct actions by the police, we would have hard all the fact in a ten minute segment on the new and moved on, but… shit hit the fan because the police messed up and they knew it. A tank, a sound blaster, tear gas, rifles, camp outfits, removal of badges/IDs, and unlawful arrests are signs of shit going terrible wrong.

   I would ask that you actually read the stuff being shared on Tumblr. Please try to understand the fear, anger, and shame the black race and the people of Ferguson are experiencing. This event and these like it are illustrating that issues that plagues blacks in the past are still issues to this day. I am afraid for my life. I am afraid my brother will be killed, or my boyfriend or one day my son. I will have to explain one thing in kindergarden and another in high school because the white world will not view my baby’s life as important. Think on that. 

   And if the officer as black and the kid was white, all the blacks in the area would fear for their lives because white people have a crazy way of taking shit out on the wrong people. 

That is not accurate at all, Michael was charging the officer, that’s why his wounds were on his front side, he didn’t beg him not to shoot, the officer was outside the vehicle when the shooting occurred. Yes, I’ll give you the fact that the police officer had no idea about the robbery but there is video evidence of Michael charging the officer, out of fear the officer opened fire. If the officer shot him for no apparent reason at all don’t you think he would have lost his job & been put in jail? However, neither occurred, you have no evidence to back up your statement, I do. You’re ignorant.

HA, there’s your proof right there, on the mother fucking news, Michael grabbed for the firearm (causing the gash in his right hand below the thumb) then antagonizing the officer saying “oh what are you gonna do? Shoot me?” then he charger the officer, causing him to shoot 6 times because Michael never hesitated on coming at the officer, AND the officer has bruises on the head from Michael AND michaels finger prints are on the gun. there’s your proof right there mother fuckers. I’m right, you’re all wrong and stupid.

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